New Season Priorslee lions A V Priorslee lions B

Sep 9, 2013, 5:11 PM |

This game is so bad that I can't believe im going to be putting it on here.

      A new season and new hope of playing well,that went out the window in the first game of the season against our own b team .

Well should have known things weren't going well when it was agreed a 4 board match, if it had been me I would have argued B team to have defaulted on 2 but everyone else is more reasonable than me.

Without our new board one it was down to me to fill the position and to be quite frank my play wouldn't even warrant bottom board for the C team. It was one of those nights when I just played utter crap and should have been setting the pieces back up after 5 minutes. Glyn on board 2 was on fire absolutely laying into Gary and looking a dead cert for a win. Jim on 3 back playing for us this season was easily beating George tieing his pieces up in knots. on board 4 Steve a C player was playing reasonable against Marvin so things were'nt looking too bad overall.

I don't know why but my game was just awful ready to resign on blacks move 7, but Steve opted to trade queens and that just gave me a chance to play on, Ne3 and Im afraid that would have been it game over. Steve was playing ok but I always felt that at some point I may get something going, think I  may have been lying to myself because I hated playing every second of this game and every idea I had seemed to have what I thought an obvious response. Finally it came to me a chance  I could control the game by trading an exchange down, brilliant 2 lovely pawns on the d and e files and knight that could wreak havoc. Oh I forgot playing like a total idiot to take advantage of it, I quickly gave away the knight leaving me a whole rook down genius. No chance now but something was telling me Steve will blunder and within a couple of moves he gave me it back although my position was still totally lost.

Meanwhile on board 2 Glyn had missed about 10 killer moves and inturn had blundered a piece and another was quickly to follow,  What was going on we were going to lose on 1 and 2!, thankfully jim was comfortable on 3 and Steve our sub was still doing ok on 4 but it was looking like the B team were going to win the match.

I don't know why i just kept shuffling pieces Im not quite sure how or why I did but with some terrible chess endgame Steve managed to  balls up what was an easy win and offered the draw. He seemed happy enough but I was and still am disgusted with the game. Glyn had in the meantime lost and jim had won 1.5 each and the bottom board looking like a drawn rook and pawn ending. Then Adrian confirmed the bad news Steve had blundered and Marvin went on to send the B team top of the league on the opening day of the season.

While the A team had no choice but suffer the celebrations at their cost.


W Bates (168) .5  S Tarr(152) .5

G Pugh(159)     0 G White (136) 1

J O'Neil(158)    1 G Viszokai (127) 0

S O'Dell (89)     0 M Carbin (122) 1

                      1.5                      2.5


And bragging rights for the whole season to the B team ;-(