Newport A V Priorslee Lions

Feb 19, 2014, 5:45 AM |

Newport went into this game hoping to pull away at the top of the table and hoping to secure a 3 point advantage over there rivals Telepost A. Priorslee lions although on 12 points were still not mathamatically safe and with an inferior For/Against tally still looking for a point just to secure division one chess. The earlier encounter in the league was a onesided affair and Newport easily took the points. This time Glyn (captain) had already decided he was promoting himself to play Nick (shocking after he failed a win on board 4 against Telepost)and Jim was desperate to play Nathanael that meant no matter what order the players were going to come out I would be on board 4, I was expecting to play Simon and was going to give him abit of pay back for last seasons drawn game. Well element of surprize was the key and Newport quickly found out the board switch. However I too was caught off gaurd I was playing Chris and not Simon who was missing from the match. As the games kicked off we were all struck dumb by Jim on board 3, all Monday night he had been looking at lines in the Caro-Kann which we expected Nathaneal to respond with, but Jim had overnight skipped that plan and opened up with Nf3 both players playing rather rapidly. I opted to avoid the french and played c5 but a terrible habit I have of grabbing the wrong pawn early on, Move 4 e6? already putting me in trouble and on the back foot, but in my head I was thinking I can play anything against Chris and I will win (I was just in an arrogant mood and it was a  mistake to under estimate anybody). I was too busy watching the game on board 3 when I had a look at board 2 Adrian was already in trouble only after the match did I find out that it was actually worse than I had thought and he was a piece down and in a terrible position. Board 1 I don't know what Glyn had played but he had definately gone for the win early on and to be fair nick was on the backfoot. Board 5 Munroe was slightly better but as I said no offence to Munroe but we needed a win on 5 and Munroe tends to draw. I myself was not enjoying my game and had started to get bored with it, so went into the bar to watch abit of the football. Where I was joined by Jim, Munroe and Chris Paul they had taken a quick draw. This had not gone down well with Jim at all and he gave  Munroe a telling off and insulted Chris at the same time, quite funny as it was , I quickly pointed out to Jim that Chris is a half decent player himself. 0.5-0.5 but Jim was right in one sense board 5 was a big board for us.

No sooner had Nathanael blundered on 3, I suffered chess blindness totally missing a move and then following that up with something that virtually lost on the spot, luckily the move I played spooked Chris and he didn't play the winning move but things were not good. Adrian then lost 1.5-0.5 to the home team. Jim was going to win even though Nathanael is one of those annoying players that hardly ever resigns. Board 1 I kept looking at and felt Glyn was still better but would he be able to beat Nick? Chris just kept letting me off and kept me in the game not too clever, I had seen a mate but thought it very unlikely to walk into but I did attempt it, Chris managed to side step it, but I felt Chris was going to make a mistake he didn't seemed to have a set plan although he did play for a cheap trick on or two occasions nothing I was going to fall for tonight, as ever I was aware my opponent was going to be short of time. I felt a draw would get us a drawn match so offered one, Chris refused instantly, I said good because although Chris was just better,  I just felt I would win it . Chris then made a crucial error that in my mind flipped the game, from me trying to draw to almost a certain draw. On 3 Nathanael found it in himself to resign but only when he realized Jim was about to take his Queen for nothing. 1.5-1.5. I saw Nathanael signal draw on my board and was happy to agree, I would have settled for that but Chris was single minded that he was still winning , he was in for a shock an innocent little rook check one way probably a draw but with time problems for Chris or walk into the mating net I had tried to get him in before this time, he went into the hole. I must admit I tried not to laugh because he didn't deserve to lose but i've seen Chris play many times and seen him crumble in endgame play ,this was no different suddenly we were 2.5-1.5 up and once again a look at board 1 didn't suggest Glyn was in any trouble , he was slightly better on the board and up on the clock. I wasn't paying any attention to the game when the result came in a draw 3-2 we had won the match. It opens the league, in the mix for the championship are Newport,Telepost,Shrewsbury and Wellington  strangely we have beaten all of them during the season.


Newport V Priorslee

N Rutter (201) 0.5 G Pugh (161) 0.5

G Copper(183) 1 A Zdanowski (166) 0

N Paul (170) 0 J O'Neil (158) 1

C Lewis(150) 0 W Bates (164) 1

C Paul (134) 0.5 M Morrison (139) 0.5