Newport A vs priorslee Lions

Nov 20, 2012, 8:48 AM |

Well another David v Goliath match. Glyn picked me up jokingly stating fancy winning this one 4-1, well as it turned out the right scoreline but not to David. We were unsure as to how strong Newports line up would be we knew we could be playing the strongest team in the league on paper or would they give us a chance and have some players missing? No it was a full strength team on paper this could have only ended one way a blood bath 5-0! but we soon settled down into the games Nick on one making a remark that was both funny and aimed at his own player about my previous game against Nathanael who was playing board 4 for them and was the first player to gain an advantage a Piece for a pawn very early, we may give him some stick because he was our old team mate but we knew that game was only going to have one outcome ironic then that it would be the last to finish. Tom on 2 had given Glyn a pawn for nothing and was a turning into a very tactical game with castled kingside attack vs castled queenside but it was looking good for Glyn. Andy once again experimenting with the opening he is trying to learn was doing fine against Gavin on 3. Gary had  gone Queen and 2 pawns for 3 minor pieces and was looking rather complicated, I was playing ok and to my surprise Nick had started to play a french defence and then changed his mind in the type game we were going to play,  opting for an exchange line , things were looking good overall and this trend continued for quite a while, to the point when I was almost sure I must be a win and glanced at Glyns and thought the same. I had over heard Gavin talking and knew his game was'nt going to plan either maybe we could pull off the shock. I was concentrating on my own game for a change when I heard the game on board 2 had finished even glancing over at it, I could'nt tell the result asssumed Glyns attack was just too good or they had agreed a draw no Glyn had blundered a piece and had resigned, I said that when Glyn normally finishes he starts a domino effect I was right, because I somehow lost my game, I say somehow because even on analysis with Nick im not sure when my position went from seemingly winning to loosing (maybe someone can look at the game and tell me). 2-0 down and Andy had just been and got himself a drink sat down again and done the old trick of just moving without really looking, game over 3-0 ,Gary's game was next we had lost track of how it was going but he said he won shame no one really appreciated it because we were all a little confused how we had all lost. Finally Nathanael finished with a win meaning we were defeated 4-1 still an opportunity to poke fun at his endgame technique. Sure at the start of the night losing by this margin was probably a good result comparing teams but we had to leave feeling like an unlikely chance had got away.

Still proved an excellent night for our opponents as the current champions finally dropped a point meaning there is a slight chink in there armour and if they continue to field weakened teams who knows maybe Newport will win the league.


Priorsleelions vs Newport

W Bates(167) 0 v N Rutter 1(204)

G Pugh(158) 0 v T Pym 1 (ug) previously 209

A Tunks (139) 0 v G Cooper 1 (183)

S Tarr (138) 0 v N Paul 1 (165)

G White (126) 1 v T Holdford 0 (151)