Priorslee A v Newport A

Oct 22, 2013, 12:18 PM |

Well in the league there were 3 upsets out of 4 matches in the last round of matches we hoped to kick this  round off with another. For some reason we all arrived early, with my out of form chess I was concidering playing board 3 or 4 but I had arrived in optimistic mood so was happy to play board 2 . The mood was taken down just a little with the sad news that Andy had decided not to play anymore. But we were still thinking we had a chance. Expecting a strong Newport team we were not let down .

Well we kicked off Adrian v Nick that should be interesting, Glyn v  Nathanael and mister unpredictable against Gavyn.

Board one they were playing a Scilian of some sort and unfortunately wasn't to long before Nick was on top, not sure how but could only assume Adrian had played a move out of turn, board 3 was a French exchange and would have offered the draw as soon as e4 x d5 as it proved to be a very dull game. Where as my game , well I took 30 minutes out of my busy schedule to try and learn the ideas behind b3 opening move , great I thought but only took 3 moves for Gavyn to play the line that frankly I was to lazy to bother looking at, but did think that I had some sort of idea what to do, having given myself about 5 3minute games on here to try and know the type positions. I don't mention board 4 or 5 because I didn't see what was played I expected a boring affair on 4 fingers crossed Jim would win and 5 I expected Chris to have to much for ouur stand in Marvin, as it turned out I wasn't to far wrong although Jim was quick to say it wasn't boring and that he should have won, shame he didn't because he was first to finish and a draw on lower boards automatically puts our team in trouble. Meanwhile 3 was continuing to be about as entertaining as me watching paint dry with a slight edge to Glyn but honestly had it a draw for until I stopped watching. On one Adrian had got himself into what looked a terrible position on first inspection however was less obvious finding the moves, but a huge problem was something I picked up on very early whatever mistake Adrian had made was absolutely eatting his time up to try and rectify it and felt that would be the  deciding factor in the game. Well both me and Gavyn have been out of form and I was sitting on my hands trying to stick to sensible stuff instead of crazy, I was feeling very confident and could tell I had surprized Gavyn from the get go. If it was ever in doubt of how confident I was, the  final clock times read Gavyn about 5 minutes left on the clock and I had 1hour 20 always a sign that I believe in what im doing.

On 3 Glyn offered the draw and I was absolutely shocked that it got turned down, no way was that game going anywhere.

Finally I made a decisive error and knew that onlookers had seen in it to, well everyone was surprized to see Gavyn miss it, not that it had any effect on the outcome my relief that I got away with it, I played another bad move and this time Gavyn was able to take complete control of the game. One obvious talking point was what happened when I put my hand out to resign Gavyn shuck my hand and said what draw. Everyone watching assuming it was a draw even after the game some players were asking stating they had seen the events. However I was quick to set the record straight but I have heard of this happening before and the player claiming the draw, I was going to do no such thing, but a warning to all some players are within their rights to claim the draw!

My attention quickly moved to board one Adrian still under pressure on the board , but I knew he had used to much time early on. Wasn't to long for the results to start coming in and all bad the biggest shock was that Glyn ended up losing there could only be one reason for that Nathanael had bored him to death playing on in an absolutely drawn position and to be fair one that I would have hated playing from about move 6 when all the pieces started coming off.

Well the final outcome was a battering 4.5-0.5 maybe flattering but at what point should we start pressing the panic button with just 2 points from a possible 8.

Was going to add commentary to my game but there are so many lines that could have been played that I will leave it up to the people playing through it to decide were I went wrong.


Priorslee v Newport

A Zdanowski (169) 0 N Rutter (197) 1

W Bates(168) 0 G Cooper (191) 1

G Pugh(159) 0 N Paul(171) 1 (Judas ;-) )

J O'Neil(158) 0.5 S Maydew(145) 0.5

M Carbin(122) 0 C Lewis (146) 1