Priorslee lions A V B the revenge match

Jan 8, 2014, 6:47 AM |

Well after months of being reminded who won the first encounter between the two teams, the night was finally here to set the record straight. Gary had been piling the pressure on the A team with his cheeky little quips then , changing it to you should whitewash us.

Well the A team were split before a move was made when Glyn the captain had agreed a 4 board match again, with all other players wanting the B team to default on bottom board. Unlikely as it may be,  we our in with an outside chance of the title and our for/against column isn't great and we also didn't want an upset like at the start of the season. But it was done another 4 board match.

Most of us were suffering from chess exhaustion so it was always going to be a tough match, especially for the ones playing against the fresh players that didn't take part in the weekend congress.

Adrian looking forward to playing Steve on board one, knew what he was in for a boring game, I was under early pressure as Munroe move ordered me into a line I don't like. Gary had opened up with f4 against Jim tut tut certainly not a player I would risk Birds opening against, board 4  Glyn was playing George he had stuffed him the day before in the last round of the congress.

Really didn't take long for the first result, mine! Not really in the mood for chess and having maybe over pushed pawns already it was outside influence that decided the game. A couple had entered the pub and let's just say they were rather rowdy and loud. Munroe moved his piece after about 10 minutes thinking slamming it down, the noise was already upsetting him, I myself must admit was struggling to concentrate offered the draw, Munroe really happy with his nights work couldn't accept quick enough.

On one Steve had sacraficed a bishop, I was sure it was one that wasn't winning but Adrian having looked up the opening had seen a line that resulted in repetition and a draw and felt it was this line, analysis said it wasn't quite this line but wasn't particularly pleasant. So took another rather quick draw on top board 1-1 .

By this time the noise was very loud they had been joined by a group of 10+ and they were sat right next to the chess area , not great and to be honest was delighted that it wasn't me still playing.

Gary's Birds opening was meeting it's match on 3 and he was really struggling, to make things worse George had lost meaning the match score was 2-1 to the A team and Gary would have to find a win to wreck our night.

It was never going to happen and Jim went on to absolutely destroy Gary and restore pride to the lions A team (no jokes with pride and lions please).

Not much of a game but here we go.


Priorslee A V Priorslee B

A Zdanowski (169) 0.5 S Tarr (152) 0.5

W Bates (168) 0.5 M Morrison (132) 0.5

J O'Neil (158) 1 G White (136) 0

G Pugh (159) 1 G Viszokai (127) 0