Priorslee Lions V Church Stretton

Ok I missed the Telford Shifnal A v Priorslee lions match but the result was a crushing defeat for the Lions ,going down 4.5-0.5. Basically leaving the team with not alot to play for,  being a 2 horse race at the top of the division and the bottom 2 also being cast a drift from the field, just wait and see where we finish in the mid table positionings.


The second half of the season is a mirror images of the first so this should be a report on Shrewsbury A ,but due to the snow and ice this game was cancelled and I dont know when the rearranged fixture will be yet so it's Church Stretton.

Oh dear the man I just can't seem to beat "Trevor Brotherton" well although the outcome of the game was the usual, I must confess to feeling like I might have just got over the hurdle. I suppose simlar to a boxing match where the champ wins but has to acknowledge he was lucky to come through it with a win. I obviously knew who to expect to be playing so decided to play a little less ambitiously than is my normal game and it was doing the trick for much of the game ok I lost but after analysis we both thought it was level but with quite a complicated ending  which again gave chances to both but would probably end drawn.But as it was the first time Ive managed to play Trevor and not blundered early felt pleased that I'd done myself justice at last and shaken the monkey off my back. But on a negative he still remains the one of the big 3 that I have'nt beat.( the big 3 being ,the 3 chess players in the county that have been at the top since I started playing chess Nigel , Nick and Trevor ok there are players with higher grades than some but for me personally growing up they've always been the 3 to target. Anyway back to the match as ever one eye on the game next to me ,again seeing Glyn get to play aggressively against a rather pacif Steve Rooney (Steve is always better when he attacks) wishing to swap places I could see so many ways which Glyn could throw the kitchen sink at him had to result in a win for Glyn barring a blunder. It was nice to have Jim back on 3 he's a very strong board 3 player in our league and was playing the stubborn Mr Whittaker a very solid player, but he had gone into one of Jim's favourite openings and been forced to swap a piece for 2 pawns compensation of sorts but 2 pawns without position is basically just lost as was to prove as Jim just carried on applying the pressure, much to his joy after the game he came over to me saying I played one of your moves, basically saying he won with a cheap trick to win a rook ,how dare he (as if I like cheap tricks). I don't really know what happened on board 4 apart from the result which was Andy losing to Graham Sheperd to be honest a little surprized at. Board 5 seemed to be one of the most intresting of the matches between Francis Rooney and John Tunks because every time I looked at it the advantaged had seemed to change from one player to the other and back again, so I suppose the only result could ever be was a draw.

Priorslee Lions Vs Church Stretton

W Bates  (165) 0 T Brotherton (185) 1

G Pugh (161) 1 S Rooney (161) 0

J O'Neil (157) 1 J Whittaker (144) 0

A Tunks (144) 0 G Sheperd (129) 1

J Tunks (127) 0.5 F Rooney (115) 0.5

2.5 - 2.5



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    To be fair I knew where my mistake was it was a bit of a nothing move , move17 Qc7 looks fine and sensible but I thought I could steal a move should just have played Ng6 attacking the bishop which was my original plan, could have even got away with Queen move if I had dropped the bishop back but  I was put off it by the queen check pushing my king to h8 but did'nt really matter, what I played just lost once the pawn was gone it's a long grinding defeat pretty much to anything i play. i resigned when I did because I assumed Trevor was just going to play Kd3 followed by Nxd4.


    Yes I saw you had over thrown the behemoth that makes you odds on favourites but can your team handle the pressure of front running?

    Forgot to answer your question about Rfb8 yes I looked at it but white just takes it followed by b3 going to be the same idea for white move the king to the centre of the board, then move his pieces, lot of play but the same outcome. What was interesting was that I felt my pawns were better than Trevors throughout the game even though they were on the same colours as his bishop. I mentioned this to Trevor and he was'nt sure he felt his were still slightly better, but would be interested in others opions. Obviously pawns blocked on the same square as the same coloured bishop is considered worse but with the fact my passed pawn only had to move over one dark square to queen.


    Yes you will see me in Blackpool.

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    This is a pretty good game, well better than your last! Did you consider playing Rfb8 instead of Rf7? I think it's lost anyway but it seemed perhaps more logical as it meant you didn't have to have a rook stuck defending the c pawn as he'd probably have to swap rooks off. And I'm not sure about swapping the knight off with your bishop but then again not sure.

    And I was chuffed with my game against John Whittaker a couple of weeks ago. I launched at him with my closed sicilian and ended up mating him with a knight with his king being stuck on e8 surrounded by his helpless pieces.

    By the way we beat Telepost A last night but were lucky. Tony and me should have lost but ended up getting a win and draw respectively. We haven't really had much luck all season so we were pleased that it came during this match. And it seems fair as Telepost were incredibly lucky to win when they came to us. I had a good game with John Bashall last night and got in a really good position but then saw that he had annoying play with his queen which actually looking back on it didn't work. Just like against Colin in the individual I saw ghosts with my opponents king. But at least I drew both games which feels like I'm going in the right direction. 4 draws so far this second half of the season, I haven't had so many draws in a row for ages!

    Good luck in your next game and will look forward to reading your next report, which are always very interesting. Plus I love the bit of humour you include :) I'll see you next at Blackpool!

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