Priorslee Lions V Newport A

Sep 22, 2015, 4:50 AM |

First match of the season pits first against second and a chance for teams to avenge the shock of us winning the league.

Unfortunately I believe results of last season and the new grades have significantly weakened our team, I think Adrian on  board 1 is stronger than Glyn , I think Im much less likely to win on 3 than Glyn. But we will see how it works out, however I think lastnight would maybe have gone better for us if our highest rated player Glyn had not played how weird is that?

Anyway due to me moving down a board to 3 and the geography of the Lion I was only able to see what was going on in the one game, board 2.

In my game Chris had decided to play French exchange , I was ready for sleep after 4 moves. I was enjoying watching events on 2 as I knew Adrian knows that opening and from Nathaneals body language he definately didn't . Well nothing at all was going on in my game but I was purposely taking about 4 minutes a move just to try and find out what was going on in others, don't think Chris thought anything of it but he was up by over 15 minutes by move 7. To my horror board 5 agreed an early draw, this had to be bad news for us , a little time later Nathaneal signed that board one was over and Glyn was lost, no sooner did he do that he blundered a pawn and what I thought would be the end of his game long term. By this time my game was so boring I was just shuffling pieces and felt that I had got myself into a posistion that could be attacked and maybe breached. I needed to know what was going on board 4 my heart sank when i was told piece down, at best my position was drawing I was going to have to play on for a win. Adrian had blundered his advantage and suddenly the wheels had come off the posistion looked terrible knowing Nathaneal is good in them type situations. I offered a draw and surprized Chris didn't take it, I thought it was because he knew match was won and he was in better position turned out he just never heard me. Well board 4 was still going on and the signal was match over with both board 2 and 4 losing , I blundered a pawn and thought I would make it the clean sweep, by now I had a advantage on the clock but a pawn down and difficult posistion , I decided to have a little think, annoyed at myself and then trying to think how I could get myself a chance to change the outcome, I had 2 ideas would Chris push his h pawn which was probably best i could hope for or I  had an idea to give away another pawn and activate my bishop with long term idea of counter play hoping to unsettle Chris into a blunder. I wasn't ready for what Chris went onto play he did push the pawn then he turned into a mess , he stated "I see your plan putting king into corner" and gleefully moved to f1, I knew it was just losing ,as it dawned on Chris "where did that bishop come from ? " "I hate you " unfortunately both other games had lost but I went on to clean up my board in a rather devastating fashion something that really had never been on the cards. But the match was score read 3.5 - 1.5 and I suspect a long hard season lays ahead of us.


G Pugh 0 - 1 N Rutter

A Zdanowski 0 - 1 N Paul

W Bates 1 - 0 C Lewis

S Tarr 0 - 1 S Maydew

M Morrison 1/2 - 1/2 S Ross

               1.5 - 3.5