Priorslee Lions V Shrewsbury A

Feb 16, 2016, 7:18 AM |

Pressure is mounting at the top of the table so all matches are a must win. I was feeling terrible when I arrived and willingly said if they are a man short I would gladly sit out, but it appeared that I was not the only one under the weather as Steve had already withdrawn which meant we had George playing for us on 5. For afew minutes Shrewsbury had but one player turned up and I was thinking maybe I could go home and recuperate, but alas the door opened and I started counting damn a full 5. Not the strongest team they could field but a solid line up through out and one that could easily turn us over. Well as ever with the set up of boards at our venue it is not the easiest thing to see how games are going so pretty much all my attention for the first hour or so was on my own game and Glyn's. My game had d4 again seems to be in fashion to play against me but I wanted a quick game and was not willing to play my new weapon so reverted back to my trusty e6 response knowing David plays French and he kindly obliged with e4, David had shown me a line in this many years ago so I was keen to avoid a repeat of that game, I mixed afew moves up and Im not sure if it was meant or not grabbed a pawn , as it turned out for rapid development the usual trade off but Im the one normally giving the pawns, David offered another pawn I know well enough the perils of grabbing them and was happy enough sat on my advantage and working slowly to develop my pieces, meanwhile on Glyn's game things were going slightly crazy with Queens forced off things were strangely aggressive as both players seemed up for the fight, just gone an hour and the first result was in George had been crushed on board 5 0-1 and pressure was on Glyn by this time a pawn down and his opponent seemingly with a simlar idea to myself of holding onto it and improve his posistion, it looked for along time that Glyn could probably force his pawn back but draws were not what we were looking for now, David was attacking me but I felt I was really comfortably holding and not feeling any pressure at all.I saw Adrian on 1 give a concerned look Ive seen it before it means technically a draw, he went and glanced at the other boards and continued to play on, I zoomed out for a while and decided to concentrate on my own game for a bit, only to be disturbed by noise on board 1 Adrian had tried something and got paid off 1-1, I looked at board 2 again and thought yikes at this point Glyn was a bishop for 3 linked pawns and it was like a rolling maul coming at him, there could only be one result and it wasn't going to be good. I took my eye off the ball in my own game blundered my advantage and started to doubt my posistion, I was visably annoyed with myself and I knew my opponent had picked up on it , I took 5/10 minutes to convince myself I was still level on material and with opposite coloured bishops on the board I was'nt beat yet. On board 4 it had become clear that both players were happy with a draw but waiting to see if the match would finally swing one way or the other or one of them try and be a saviour. Strangely after blundering my advantage my game only lasted a futher 6 moves as I seized upon an oppurtunity the match score 2-1. Totally lost game on 2 and Munroe was realizing he was now going to have to win or at least as every onlooker thought, but what they witnessed was an absolute shocking endgame from both players that somehow Glyn won , even when his opponent had blundered his 3 joined pawns the game should still have been drawn as Glyn was queening on a8 and had wrong coloured bishop but alas his opponent totally abandoned the pawn and allowed Glyns king in as shield to walk the pawn home 3-1 and now with nothing to play for on board 4 both players were relieved to take the draw.



3.5 - 1.5
A Zdanowski 1, F Best 0; G Pugh 1, I Ilesanmi 0; W Bates 1, D Everington 0; M Morrison 0.5, D Lockett 0.5; G Viszokai 0, P Kitchen 1