Priorslee Lions V Telford A

Jan 19, 2016, 4:53 AM |

Well it had not gone unnoticed that Telford had 2 new recruits that means if they turn out all the time there team is probably the strongest in the league . This has seen them turn from relegation bettlers to potential champions ,in what is turning out to be the closest league for sometime with everyone capable of turning each other over.

Well it was a strange match Adrian was going to be late. On board 5 Mark Keady for the opposition was also going to be late so only 3 games were being played. I was totally unaware of what was going on 4 due to the layout of the venue, Glyn and Nazif were playing at a fair speed but that was slow in conparison with my game , which was being played at rapidplay speed. On move 15 I offered a draw not really expecting it to be concidered afterall both clock showed one hour twenty and that was only because I sat on my move to level them up, my opponent took a while before rejecting. A little time longer passed and both missing boards had arrived. Meanwhile Glyn on 2 had got himself into a right mess against the ever dangerous Nazif, not wanting a draw any longer on my board I was in the horrible posistion of either taking repetetion or making my game worse to try and turn it around and to be honest I didnt think that would ever be likely, so it was quite a quick draw , Glyn fell very soon after so we were quickly up against the ropes, however on 5 Mark Keady had made a very dubious sacrafice and on 4 Steve was a pawn up on Rich Thompson, Adrian and Dave Gostelow seemed to be replaying a previous encounter on one. It was indeed Adrian who was next to finish he had made the time up but had been unable to gain any advantage over Dave playing solid and ended up drawn. 1-2 down but winning both remaining games, suddenly what looked good for Steve turned terrible and looked like he would be fighting for a draw not a win, meanwhile Munroe was under pressure but still had the piece finding it hard but surely he could close out the win. Entering the last few minutes some serious wrong play switched the match one way then the next, Richard blundered his strong posistion into a totally lost one but with Steve seriously down on time , Steve was able to play it and Richard resigned before Steve queened a pawn 2-2, then Munroe blundered his piece and the match was lost. Im not 100% sure how it finished but Munroe was angry and upset, and was in my opinion a little out of order when he stated the sacrafice was crap snapping at his opponent and that he should have won , Yeah but I won, Mark replied stating the obvious seemed to annoy Munroe more and rather sour an already dissapointing night. 

Priorslee lions V Telford A 

A Zdanoski 0.5 D Gostelow 0.5

G Pugh 0 Nazif 1

W Bates 0.5 G Kolbusz 0.5

S Tarr 1 R Thompson 0 

M Morrison 0 M Keady 1