Priorslee Lions v Telford and Shifnal A

Apr 23, 2013, 9:35 AM |

Last game of a dissapointng league season where the highs have been to few. We were playing host to Telford and Shifnal A to decide the bottom order of the table.

With 2 matches being played it was always going to be an interesting night (Our "B" team were in action playing their 2nd game in a week to secure promotion to the top flight, which they achieved so big welldone to them now can they clinch the title or go up as runners up?). Anyway the problem with 2 matches on the same night is the size of our playing area luckily this was sorted out quite quickly, as we were about to start the clocks we found that digital clocks are'nt as trusty as traditional for some reason 3 of the clocks weren't working. Luckily we had 2 clock experts in they managed to get a couple up and running but left baffled by the third which was my clock so I happily grabbed an old trusty.

The match itself was strange mainly  because on board 2 only 15minutes had gone and Glyn although playing on was a piece down and in a totally lost position. Glyn had made what looked a  risky pawn move that in fact was more than risky it meant he had to manouver his pieces out of position to stop checkmate , but Nazif had a second well hidden plan which was just give up the mating idea and win a piece for a pawn and a brilliant position. My only surprize was that Glyn didn't just resign straight away!

On top board I knew I would be playing against a d4 opening so opted to play something totally new to myself. a big mistake as I didn't understand the position or the tactics that I should have been playing. But in the last few games i've been some what sitting on my hands to run down my clock this as it turned out wasn't to good an idea because the result on board 2 had put into my head to win the match I would probaly need a draw. This resulted in me playing a very dull and passive game all the way through, the plus side was I didn't lose because I think Dave had chances to be more forceful and aggressive but chose a slow and steady grinding idea.

Glyn as predicted was the first to finish by some way a loss 0-1. Andy on 3 was looking like a bore draw and the result I expected, Steve on 4 was beating Richard Thompson which we always like and I did'nt get to see what was happening on 5 but was expecting John to win. After a while finally Steve won his game to make it  1-1 but no sooner had that happened board 5 agreed a draw. Suddenly the match looked very different I think both my game and board 3 were looking like draws (Dave disagreed he thought he was winning). I there was an offer of the draw on 3 refused becuase their player was unsure what was happening on 1. I too offered a draw but mistimed it with Dave stating" know is not the time" I had offered it a couple of seconds after pressing my clock, I apologized although I did think this was abit over the top. Next move I made sure I timed it correctly but was turned down. 

Andy suddenly let out a groan "I knew I'd put my queen on the wrong square" oh dear game over especially as I was in no position to try and force anything on my board. It lasted about 10 more minutes then Andy lost. Straight away Dave offered the draw how I wanted to say No, I may have been out of line when I first offered the draw but it was totally genuine and an honest mistake and one most players would'nt even question, but the way Dave had spoken left a bad feeling with me and one of disrespect towards me. Alas much as I wanted too I couldn't refuse and I condemn our team to defeat. 3-2

After the match I ran through it with Dave and again felt like I was a little disrespected when he quimed about various moves " I don't know why you played that, but I  never understand what your playing" Maybe I read to much into it becuase we did go down various line of thinking, but after when I got home just played on my mind and thought I've had enough of this stupid game!



W Bates (165) 0.5 D Gostelow (173) 0.5

G Pugh (161) 0 N Nazif (170) 1

A Tunks (144) 0 R Gillespie (136) 1

S Tarr (147) 1 R Thompson (153) 0

J Tunks (127) 0.5 T Skidmore (100) 0.5