Priorslee V Shrewsbury A

Jan 21, 2014, 5:52 AM |

Well at the moment it seems like every match is a top of the table encounter, in what is turning out to be one of the strangest and closest league tables I can remember.

Tonights match with Shrewsbury an expected title challenger against us who still see not getting drawn into a relegation battle as priority.

Well Glyn hadn't even rang me to see if I was available or if the match had been cancelled for some reason, I turned up early to find yes there was a match ,nearly all the team had arrived and yes I was playing.

Well we were given a boost as soon as Shrewsbury arrived it appears that some of their strongest players only tend to play home ties. Missing J Hopkins, E Goodwin and P Kitchen they still fielding an ok team but we were favourites on grades surely this would prove to be a real chance to avenge our loss at their place.

My prematch prediction being that we would win it on the bottom 3 boards and make mine and Adrians games irrelivant to the result.

The prematch prediction was a million miles from what was taking place over the boards. I'm going to stop watching Adrians games because they are always what I term proper chess players trying to play the correct moves, I'm not bothered about correct moves for me result is everything.

In my game David had pointed out that he had opted to play something different against me as we have played out the same game on numerous occassions and thought his luck would run out this time. To my glee he opted to play Caro-kann a opening I strangely have never lost against. Knowing what type player David was I didn't want to go for my normal aggressive response. I recalled seeing a grandmaster game and a strange idea behind it, when I played the move David remarked "was I deliberately taking him out of book" obviously he had not seen it before , that was great news I knew the basic ideas of playing it ,but everyone knows I don't learning things but i had remembered enough of this game and ideas to play it with confidence.

Glyns game was being played rapidly and he was a clear piece up in an open position and his opponent although playing on had obviously thrown the towel in as he was happy trading pieces off, in the end leaving him a clear rook up and 3 pawns each. 1-0 meanwhile our mascot for the night George was watching the play on board 4 and 5. Jim lost Jim lost he kept saying Jim hadn't lost but on closer inspection surprizingly was taking an absolute battering and was a piece down. Gary on 5 although not a piece down was in a horrible posistion. What was going on? Adrians game on one was a typically close affair and indeed Francis had offered the draw, Adrian thankfully paused and went and looked at the other boards. My game had gone mental at this point and I actively encouraged Adrian not to accept ,but knew a draw was the likely outcome. My game had got to the stage were there were so many tactics but I was having one of those nights when I was seeing alsorts and answers to the probles, finally David thought he had figured an escape plan after a torrent of attacking play, alas it was a trap and he walked straight into it, game over.Even when I mated David he had took a beating he was moving pieces back to record moves and he was unsure I had mated him, I said you can't do that if your unsure, but he knew and said he was pleased to have lost like that and what a great game 2-0. I don't know if Francis or Adrian offered the draw again on one but this time it was accepted 2.5 -0.5 well a point was still a good result for us and looked like all we would get. As me, Francis  and Glyn were analyzing my game came the fourth result Glynn thinking Gary had lost , I was not so sure because I had seen that if his opponent could'nt force checkmate Gary could force a draw or even win material. It proved to be the later no checkmate and they had agreed a draw a very good result because it certainly wasn't looking like a draw for much of the game 3-1 and to be honest who cared if Jim lost, but even that was to prove the great escape as his opponent a piece up had wasted nearly all his time and offered Jim a draw, which Jim couldn't accept quick enough. 3.5-1.5

A Zdanowski (169) 0.5 F Best (168) 0.5

W Bates (168) 1 D Everington (165) 0

G Pugh(159) 1 I Salter (135) 0

J O'Neil(158) 0.5 N O'Connor(132) 0.5

G White(136) 0.5 I Davies (120)0.5