Priorslee V Wellington

Nov 4, 2014, 4:08 AM |

Well after 3 games both of us having a 100% record , it was time to play league favourites Wellington with other teams losing players Wellington were one that strengthen and after just failing to win the title on the very last game of the season look on paper the strongest team in the league.

Well with how the boards are positioned it made it only possible for me to view board 1 and 3 , both pretty dull affairs early on and not inspiring me to wake myself up, I took it upon myself to shake thing s up. On proceeded to have some fun. I remember looking around and faces on our players were not good all in deep thought and then me just playing anything, but I sensed a change in my own game Colin who was sort of enjoying it suddenly seemed apprehensive and I knew it.  He was starting to feel the pressure and I had started very slowly on the clock but now I was blitzing moves out. All this was starting have a positive impact on the board, plus giving me plenty of time to look at board 1 and 3. 1 was interesting but was not my style of game at all but was none the less sort of an open position. Board 3 however was a strange game opening with f4 and then seeming to turn into a very dull affair white had some pressure , but had given black a monster protected  knight on e4 that couldn't be hit. When queens come off I just thought draw. Back to my own game I noticed afew players looking and thinking what the hell was going on the game had just gone into a typical game I like playing and one most have trouble comprehending unfortunatel Colin is a player that understands not only these type games but knows how I play so nothing shocking for him, but I did feel I had him on the ropes. Munroe came over and looked and I saw him shaking his and laughing he too although he doesn't know how I play like it, does admit he enjoys watching. Eventually I reached the point where I had material advantage but was alot of pawns down I begrudgingly offered a draw assuming a. I would end up having to give up my knight for pawns b.A draw was not the worst result for the team c.Colin enjoys playing pawn endgames and he had alot of them.  Well Colin unsure about the match decided to have a wonder round the boards obviously they were all unclear because he was having a real struggle to make his mind up, eventually he consulted his captain who too did sweep of the boards and shrugged his shoulders . Colin came back to the board and after 5 minutes stated "I can't risk you playing it right" a fair statement in my opion but he wanted to carry on abit just to see , what he was playing was wrong and would have won for me but I said I didn't believe he would have continued like that we had both mentally switched to a lower level. But we moved to another part of the room result were coming through Munroe on 5 had won and Glyn on 3 drawn (later saying he messed it up and having showed us, have too agree).  Obviously things were still tense and the score 2-1 to us Adrian on 1 was about 10 minutes down on the clock and Steve was lost but with his opponent teasing us by never playingthe best move, hope of an unlucky draw remained. But it was over 2-2 all eyes on board one were Adrain had started to play aggressively totally unaware of the match score . Not only had he pulled back the time but Toby made a stupid mistake giving a piece away suddenly every on looker thought the game was over, but no somehow Toby had played for a cheeky little trick to force a draw Adrain overlooked it and had to offer the draw and draw the match. A good result for us , but how the games had actually gone a fantastic result for the League favourites.

2.5 - 2.5
A Zdanowski(170) 0.5, T Neal (186)0.5; W Bates(158) 0.5, C Roberts(180) 0.5; G Pugh(157) 0.5, T Faustino(177) 0.5; S Tarr(148) 0, J Kuczynski(154) 1; M Morrison(144) 1, J Lenton(120) 0.