Priorslee V Wellington A


This was a strange match as we knew Wellington had been struggling for players. This on paper full strength Wellington is frightening but unable to field full strength regularly and losing  Colin Roberts who is having a break away from league chess seriously weakensWellington however they had already upset the odds on the opening day of the season with just 3 players turning up to a very strong Oswestry and coming away with 2.5-2.5 draw.

We knew Adrian was going to be late but who would he be playing?  before the match we thought he would be playing James so time wouldnt be an issue however as the opponents arrived we were met with 2 new faces and a missing board 1. This was going to be a very interesting match now because Toby is very capable of exploiting the time advantage and as it turned out for the second match running I was to play a new face to the Shropshire league but this time I was unaware of the ability of the opponent slightly worrying knowing he had gone in above Colin Mace (126) and below Toby (164) that meant I was going to have to take cautous approach (later found out he plays for Bushbury in the Wolverhampton league). The other new face was on board 5 against Gary this was the first game to catch my attention as I saw Gary swiping pawns early on , suggesting to me that his opponent was a real novice, well with no Adrian at 8:10 I was someone isolated in my entertainment as the first few moves in my games had been blitz out but by move 8 the action had come to an absolute stand still as it became apparent that either my opponent had little idea what was going on or indeed was a slow player. I was trying to see other boards but to no avail.Finally I got a glimpse of the bottom board and could see Gary seemed to have a lot of pieces and his opponent seemed to have very few. Adrian arrived at about 8:15 and rapidly played afew moves before settling down , still my game was just not moving it got to the stage that I had used 10 minutes and my opponent had 10 minutes remaining. Board 5 had finished by now and obviously Gary had won , although I was unable at any stage to find out what was going on , on board 4 that was next to finish in a draw . I obviously felt I was going to win on time even though the board was drawish ,slight advantage to myself. I looked at Adrian's thinking he was drawing but infact Toby had sacraficed and was a piece down. I could by now see 1 and looked like alot of locked pawns and thought maybe a draw would be the outcome, My opponent suddenly started playing really quick and accurately but with so far down on the clock surely he had given me too much advantage and the oppurtunity to take my time, as he enterted his last few minutes the pressure I had applied on the board was making his posistion creek and once again slowed him down. It was me that converted to make the match score 2.5-0.5 with Adrian a piece up and playing to simplify looked certain to make 3.5-0.5 but starting to feel the pressure of the tme and Toby playing afew tricky moves Adrian blundered his piece leaving 3 pawns , 2 rooks against 2 pawns and 2 rooks in his favoured , dissapointed with what he had done offered the draw and won us the match 3-1 didn't take long for the board 1 match to reach the same conclusion 3.5-1.5 what could prove to be a very valuable 2 points as the league is so close its hard to tell if you are in the title hunt or relegation battle.

3.5 - 1.5
G Pugh 0.5, J Kuczynski 0.5; A Zdanowski 0.5, T Neal 0.5; W Bates 1, M Podselak 0; S Tarr 0.5, C Mace 0.5; G White 1, N Dunwel 0.