Shrewsbury A v Priorslee Lions

Mar 23, 2013, 5:24 AM |

Well this was going to be a comprehensive blog but my computer just crashed and I lost the report and I can't be bothered to try and re write it.

Well the match was late starting due to the weather and Shrewsbury kindly not starting the clocks, would they come to regret that ? alas no. I was away with the fairies to start with as the lift had been out of order and I'd been forced to use the stairs no good with my legs, so there had only been 3 moves in the first 30 on my board as I was hoping the pain in my leg would ease , thankfully it did but it did give me the oppurtunity to keep an eye on board 2 and 3 although both were level I felt the advantage lay with the opposition in both cases. I final was able to concentrate on my own game and playing an opening that a knew but could'nt name was surprized when Jamie pinched my "b2" pawn, later to find that we shared a diffenece of opion on it. About an hour had passed and I decided I would see how Andy was getting on, great timing he had just blundered a piece and resigned 1-0 Shrewsbury and on a board that we would have hoped to get a point from . Time to look at Gary's on 5 things did'nt look to great on that either and yes within a futher 30 minutes he had lost too. board 4 and 5 lost ,2 and 3 level but increasingly under pressure and me a pawn down but in a better position , the match was not going well, but my game was inreasingly getting better I was finding moves and seeing all sorts of winning lines this was building the pressure on Jamie and were I had gone behind on the clock by some way early on, was turning against him too. I glanced over at board 2 and Francis was getting the better of Glyn this could be a 5-0 defeat if I let Jamie get his pieces out. Was'nt long before board 3 lost leaving just me and Glyn fighting for pride. I'd chosen to give jamie another pawn and had started to play what I term real chess, having given up 2 pawns I was playing a waiting pressure game not something I do very often but was proving effective. Glyn had gone 2 pieces for a rook down 5-0 still a possiblity but he had kept playing on, moves were coming naturally to me and my game was becoming increasingly easy to find good moves, maybe my first mistake came when I realized Jamie had entered his final 10 minutes on his clock and it was starting to bother him, I played a move quickly thinking it was great and Jamie would eat his time, to my surprize he played his response instantly which inturn some how shook my belief in my plan even though it was perfectly right. Francis had somehow blundered in his game on 2 and now it looked like Glyn was going to win ,I too was convinced that it was only time til I either won on the board or on time even though I had opted to give a piece away. It was interesting we were both playing really just to avoid the 5-0 white wash Francis had figured out how to draw his game and did it. 3.5 -0.5 just my game and a blunder I had started to see ghosts and think I had things covered which I had'nt. My game had been totally won and I found a move that did'nt lose but did mean that Jamie offered the draw. He had approximate 1:30 on his clock but was a rook up on the board , if anything had been riding on it im convinced I wouldn't have blundered or indeed taken the draw after all I could have eaten away at his time by forcing moves earlier. But I was delighted with the draw and Jamie too was pleased to have got away with it.

After the game I was more than happy to share that in my opion that was one of my best games, not just because I played well but against the level of opponent a draw but a moral victory and one that left Jamie in no doubt that I can play this game quite well at times and that is something that I personally feel lets myself down sometimes against good players.


Shrewsbury A v Priorslee Lions

J Hopkins  (191) 0.5 W Bates (165) 0.5

F Best (172) 0.5 G Pugh (161)  0.5

D Everington (162) 1 S Tarr (147) 0

D Lockett (142) 1 A Tunks (144) 0

M Smith (129) 1 G White (141) 0