Shrewsbury A V Priorslee Lions A

Sep 28, 2013, 5:32 AM |

Well after our humbling defeat against our B team we were off to play Shrewsbury A, after an impressive 4-1 win in their first match and a strong team on paper, we still went thinking that we would pull off a result.

When we arrived it instantly became clear they were slightly weaker than normal with no Francis on board 2, however we were once again playing light ourselves this time Jim who travels to and from Scotland at a weekend.

The action kicked off with us a player light Andy had not arrived yet. A slight concern but nothing to worrying.

On one Adrian chose to open with d4 which was an instant switch off to me.

I had a plan in mind what to play against Francis so facing David had totally thrown me especially knowing that David knows the French better than me I opted to try something a little different.

Glyn was playing a relatively new player to the Shrewsbury team Ed goodwin and was just to far away to see what was going on.

Andy turned up about 15minutes late but was finished within 30minutes, a mistake in the opening had gifted Andy a pawn and he had quickly taken a draw.

Again I saw very little of Marvins game, I had a quick look at it and seemed very drawish with not alot happening. It was the second game to finish and again a draw.

1-1 with the top 3 still playing, i had a little time for a wonder and thought glyn to have a winning advantage, mine I had gambled early but was enjoying the battle and totally unsure of the result but did'nt think I would lose it and finally on board 1 Adrain seemed to be doing ok against Jamie in a weird boring type game, the one thing that did stand out to me was that Adrian was starting to get a lead on the clock.

Quite a while before the next game finished and it was board 3 agreeing draw clearly the advantage I thought Glyn to have wasn't there.

I immediately offered the draw hoping that it would be taken as I too was starting to get a substantial clock lead, however was rejected.

Another chance to look at board 1 nothing seemed to have moved since I last looked.

A little time went on and David was just starting to get on top in my game then came the draw on one. That was terrible news because I felt it was to late to save my game afew more moves and that was it game over and match lost.

Compared to my opening game of the season I had played well and lost. But left in equally disappointed fashion this time becuase I felt I had let the team down, the result of the match had always been in the balance but if either team should have won I think it should have been us with the narrow victory not vice versa.

J Hopkins (193) 0.5 A Zdannowski (169) 0.5

D Everington (165) 1 W Bates (167) 0

E Goodwin (167) 0.5 G Pugh(159) 0.5

P Kitchen (148) 0.5 A Tunks (142) 0.5

D Lockett (137) 0.5 M Carbin (122) 0.5