Shropshire Congress

Jan 8, 2014, 6:02 AM |

This is my local tournament, it has increased in size slightly year on year unfortunately for me my grade puts me in the Open section which basically means playing for fun, but my ego always says I can beat anyone so no reason why I couldn't do well, shame reality turns out to be different.

Round one in some sort of twist of fate saw me drawn against the same opponent for the second year running, last year I had upset the odds and won that encounter ,this time my opponent was looking for revenge. Which he got even though I don't feel he deserved it and if I'm totally honest took the dissapointment into the second game.



Game 2 I went in with the idea that I must play aggressively and come away with the win, even if I had the black pieces. This game was notable for the fact I suppose the outcome was mainly thanks to the fact that I ended up with an hour remaining on my clock and my opponent just over a minute and he had mentally being battered during the game and he was relieved to draw. A strange one because I felt I was winning easily then my opponent found the moves to remove my attacking threats and should have gone on to win. I even started playing moves that made no sense at all but could tell my opponent struggling.


So got away with one in the last game, round 1 was still niggling me luckily I had taken a bye in round 3, meaning I finished day one with a woeful 1/3.

Arrived Sunday morning to find myself paired against my club mate Steve Tarr time for some fun, which it was and turned out to be a really enjoyable game, however another game that I had got the wrong result this time instead of going on and winning I had ended up drawing.


For the second day running the morning game had left me annoyed that I had failed to get the result I deserved.

The last game I had no intrest in at all I just wanted it over and done with. Things were going ok me and my opponent were blasting the moves out , but the position on the board was becoming hard work especially as I just wanted it over, this was resulting me playing rubbish and the posistion was just getting worse on the board, my opponent had slowed right down which was getting to me, as the game was dragging on my leg was aching and I had a headache but wasn't losing enough to resign it. I didn't want to lose it but this was not my type game at all and with the state of mind I had got myself in I found myself playing bad moves hoping my opponent would see the way to win, as the game just kept going on and on I was bored to death suddenly it looked like there might even be a chance for me, well it finally came down to me miscalculating the moves , just something else to annoy myself with, I could have resigned it 2 hours previous.


Overall assessment of the tournament total and utter rubbish, maybe things would have been different if I had got something out of the first game but let that get to me all tournament.