Telford A V Priorslee Lions

Mar 20, 2014, 4:32 AM |

This match had become a nothing match for ourselves, after missing the last match and the team losing we were out of the title race and cast a drift into midtable, for our opponents fighting to avoid the last relegation spot this game was very important as their captain was keen to point out.

The match itself was strange Adrian and i were soon on the back foot, I had blundered a pawn on move 8 and given myself an isolated pawn to boot, but not wanting to give the home team a huge mental boost decided I would just keep playing. It was a while before anything became clear on the other boards.

By move 14 I was totally lost but I would endure for the team, Adrian's was lost but to balance those out Steve on board 5 was won and Jim on 4 was won if the results merited the boards that would make the match tied on 2-2 with the only board remaining the unclear posistion.

It was Jim that finished first giving us a 1-0 lead but with such clear outcomes on board 1 and 2 we knew it was all about the bottom 3 boards. Adrian lost making it 1-1 I was still for some reason keeping on playing. Then came the unexpected Steve had lost one of his 2 pawn lead and turned his certain win into a draw (well I say draw I'm sure better players would disagree), but either way it was going to be very tricky to win it, I'm not sure if I resigned my game before or after they had agreed a draw on the bottom board ,2.5-1.5 to the home team but the good news was on 3 Glyn had told me he thought he could win an exchange ended up winning a rook for nothing, not only that but was well ahead on the clock. As he was about to go a second rook up his opponent rather than resign decided to let his clock run out. 2.5-2.5 

The match itself was somewhat over shadowed by a very unpleasant slanging match between Jim and Richard Thompson over the use of his electronic cigerette. Must admit it was both a little uncomfortable but funny at the same time. Glad Jim didn't carry it on because it wouldn't have been nice to see Richard get punched in the face ;-).

D Gostelow (177) 1 A Zdanowski (166) 0

N Nazif (175) 1 W Bates (163) 0

R Thompson (137) 0 G Pugh (161)1

R Gillespie (143) 0 J O'Neil (158) 1

W Peck (135) 0.5 S Tarr(146) 0.5