Telford A v Priorslee lions A

Oct 10, 2014, 12:16 PM |

Having personally been forced to miss the league opener against Shrewsbury A I was pleased that the team had got the league off to a good start having bagged the spoils. In what I can by all reports gather was a tight afffiar.


3.5 - 1.5

A Zdanowski 1, F Best 0; S Tarr 0, D Everington 1; G Pugh 1, P Kitchen 0; M Morrison 0.5, M Smith 0.5; G White 1, I Davies 0

Having missed the first game of the season it was my turn to play one as once again we were forced to turn up without our strongest team. Feeling slightly apprehensive that we were weakened we were somewhat taken back that Telford themselves were down at least 2 of their top boards and on paper were going to be no match on the top 3 boards at least.

Little did I expect to actual play quite so poorly having a totally lost position from just move 4 , luckily Steffan gave me more credit and overlooked the blunder, but to be quite honest although that was missed this game was to prove more than difficult. Luckily while I was struggling on one I was able to view the other boards. Steve on 3 played a devastating game of chess but no sooner had he got his game won , George on 4 had blundered a Knight in an end game and was easily beaten making it 1-1 with 3 remaining a rather dull affair on 5 with very little action or moves was making me nervous of the match result as I seemed to be only one right move from defeat nearly the entire game. Glyn was easily in control and winning and indeed it was Glyn that made the score 2-1 on the night still nervous of what could transpire on 5 I was pleased that Marvin had secured the match point. Finally I don't know if it was pressure of the position or the time Steffan was cracking and although I didn't deserve the victory I felt obliged to take it.


1.5 - 3.5
S Tennant (142)0, W Bates(158) 1; S Ross(136) 0, G Pugh(157) 1; R Thompson (132)0, S Tarr (148)1; W Peck(129) 1, G Viszokai(122) 0; R Brown(129) 0.5, M Carbin(113) 0.5.