Telford A v Priorslee Lions A

Oct 8, 2015, 4:20 AM |

After the first round matches in the league it has become very clear that although current champions once again survival maybe the first target before even daring to consider challenging for the league, as nearly all the teams appear to be stronger. Telepost in particular caught the eye beating a very strong Shrewsbury side and before our match had beaten Newport too, I would say that makes them huge favourites even after 2 games.

Anyway lastnight was interesting because it appeared I was the only one in our team aware that Telfords board 1 was playing a tournament on the Isle of Man which meant obviously everyone would be playing up a board anyway but Telford are not the most reliable team so having any idea who would be playing is just not worth thinking about. As it proved they were without John Footner board 3/4 but they had managed to persuade a player from Brewood to play for them, intresting for one reason only grade wise if Telford can get out a full team they suddenly have a strong team 183,170,154,153,143 grades dont mean everything but John Footner moving down to board 5 would be frightening.

The match itself was pretty strange Steve on 4 was playing a line he told me he had just that very night looked at and totally dismantled Windsor ,what would have been very quickly had Windsor not to spend about 30minutes looking at the board without resigning. on 5 Munroe told me this line is so boring drawish, no sooner had he told me that than Steffan his oppent told me I know this opening played it many times and is drawn, great I thought we don't need draws on board 5 , he sat back down and decided he obviously didn't fancy playing it out anymore and sacraficed a piece for 2 pawns which just looked wrong. On board 1 Adrian seemed to be playing well and looked to have an advantage , Glyn on 2 looked to have a complicated posistion and I didn't fancy trying to even understand what was going on. My game was strange for me as A. it is an opening and we were playing a genuine line and B, I developed my pieces! maybe that was somewhat due to me playing an unknown player to myself and that normally makes me more cautious and I try and play properly. To my surprize it was my opponent who made the shocking move a sacrafice piece for 2 pawns at first look I thought this could be trouble but the more I looked the more I was sure I could just play quietly and make the sac look totally pointless. With Steve having won on 5 next to finish was Munroe on 4 Steffan by now had totally lost the plot and had dropped a rook as well as his sac ,although he played on a rook against 2 rooks and bishop was never going to end well. I glanced at 1 and 2 still unsure about Glyn but Adrian was certainly better, the match was going to certainly be ours, although I played afew bad moves in the later stages of my game my opponent had basically shown he had lost his will to fight on and obliged with not playing hs best moves either, match score 3-0 I fancied Adrian to convert on 1 and I had decided Glyn was slightly better, went for a break outside the room come back to see Glyn moving without pressing his clock and then took back a move he had obviously finished expecting him to say either he had won or drawn he said he had blundered 3-1 and I had no idea what had gone on with Adrians game but it looked terrible and he too went on to lose a tad dissapointing what looked like a convinving 5-0 or 4-1 scoreline came back as 3-2 but as they say a win is a win and the most important thing against what are percieved as one of the relegation battlers.


2 - 3
N Nazif 1, A Zdanowski 0; R Thompson 1, G Pugh 0; M Keady 0, W Bates 1; W Peck 0, S Tarr 1; S Tennant 0, M Morrison 1.