a cat in the morning commuter

a cat in the morning commuter

May 1, 2013, 1:50 PM |

swarm up for the morning commuter

one course,one direction

yet total strangers

each and everyone

with depressive faces

heavy eyes

silence permeates

standing simultaneously when the whistle is blown

when the arrival of the train is announced

then flock in amidst those who coming out

scurrying to find an empty seats

which is a rarity

and in a row of uncertainty

standing and holding on to poles

to the sides

to anything at all

as we beg for forgiveness

from the passenger standing nearby

whom we brush againts

as the train bobbles away

the faces that are in attendance

fill with anxiety 

fill with quandry

deadened with drowsiness

that is not satisfied

the night before

thinking about tommorow's life

counting the rent

or the down payment on a car

and debts on credit cards

that are easily offered

in every corner around the city

mmm those who are there 

like a zombies

who do not speak to each other

for they are lost in their own world

that is lonely

but they do not want to break

their walls of private egos

because they do not know

do not understand

the passengers on the morning

are people loaded with problems

bearing uneasiness and sleepiness

and carrying with them dreams

that are covered with morning dust

drying in the midst of dullness