Note to Self : Last download 6-9-2009

Jun 9, 2009, 1:35 PM |

Hello ! I am updating my chess blog as a note to myself, as I am trying to study and analyse my games. Sadly, the game management features are not very good, so I have had to download and unpack the bundles manually. You can only download a page's worth of games, they are all separate files, third party utilities or DB programs are needed to put them together, etc. Quite the hassle - especially with 219 games completed thus far! I want to study my losses and improve, but that is proving to be daunting with the current state of affairs.


So, I decided (on the third attempt to get *all* of my games in the same spot) to make a note for myself here on to remind me the most recent game I downloaded. In this case : Me vs. SquishyMan 0-1 6-9-2009.


By the way, I am using a freeware app called ChessPad (Windows only) that is quite nice - since even Chessbase Light won't allow import/edit/merge of PGNs.... *sigh* There are also some nice utils in the Download section of written by one of our fellow members that can also help out.