Dallas Ches Club G30 (7/20/11)

Jul 21, 2011, 4:02 PM |

I did better this week, but still not great. I won one game against a lower rated player, and I lost two games against higher rated players. However, I think in all three games -- I could've played much better; my pieces weren't placed very well in the middle game. My friend Odunayo (who is on his own quest for the National Master title) said that I'm doing okay in the opening, but I seem to fall apart in the middle game with provoking moves that get me in trouble and lack a coherent plan. Stuff to work on.

I played Atulya Vaidya again this week as white. If you compare the two games, I made some improvements.

Feel free to look over my games: kibitz, comment, and criticize. I'd love your feedback and ideas.