Kamsky cont.

Jun 8, 2010, 12:55 AM |

Kamsky is not American born like many other players, he is Russian by birth, came to USA before attaining age-10. He proved his worth in his teen years. He is the only one after great Bobby Fisher (late), who became challanger to Karpov; long even decade before but failed to snatch the world chess title from Anatoly Karpov. After this match Kamsky immediately disappeared due to his studies and other reasos, best known to him. (Remember that Bobby brought the title to US after beating Borris Spassky in 1971 in Iceland, but Bobby didnt appear to defend his title and Karpove became the champion by default). Once Kasparove tipped Kamsky as future world champion but Kamsky quit chess. He appears on and off. It seems that this time at age 32 he has really come back and also asserted that he is in his prime and determined to fight for the title next year in Mexico. If he will be successful; after Fisher, US produces 2nd World Chess Champion. Lets see. Today's chess, after inclusion of high-tech, is horribly tough.

  Salam Siddiqui