My highest tactics trainer rating so far

Nov 16, 2008, 1:08 AM |

Began this day by doing twelve mate-in-one problems from "Chess" (Polgar), following my tactics training program (see the blog post by that name for details). Last night I finished studying another game from "Logical chess" (Chernev).

Today I also rediscovered another great book on my shelf: "The world's greatest chess games" (Burgess, Nunn, Emms) and soon found myself studying a famous game between Pillsbury and Lasker.

I hope I will be able to post some of the greatest games with some of the best chess players here in my blog in the future.

Something funny that happened today was that I reached my highest rating on the tactics trainer here on so far: 1345 Smile


- Played a blitz (6/0) game online

- Corr-chess online

- Tactics: 14 problems

- Game study: Pillsbury vs Lasker, St Petersburg 1895-96; Karjakin vs Anand, Wijk an Zee 2006