Losing against The Sicilian 1 (an. game incl.)

Nov 9, 2008, 12:11 AM |

Started this day by doing 12 mate-in-one problems from "Chess" (Polgar) - that is one HUGE collection of problems I can really recommend!

Today I also played the longest chess game (15/0) in a long while - a fierce struggle of 58 moves before I had to resign:

Actually I haven't met the sicilian lately and simply couldn't remember the theory - so I just tried to develop as logically as I could.

I obviously should have played 3.d4 instead to stay in the book.

Move 19 was a blunder that forced me to suddenly open up the kingside.

An interesting positional battle with Queens and Rooks and then he outran me in the endgame.  


- Played a game of chess (15/0) online

- Corr-chess online

- Tactics training: 15 problems