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Queen Pawn and Rook Attack Combo ?

Queen Pawn and Rook Attack Combo ?

Jun 18, 2017, 6:46 AM 0



Strength White Black
Excellent 17 12
Good 9 5
Inaccuracy (?!) 3 7
Mistake (?) 2 5
Blunder (??) 4 5
Forced 0 0
Best Move 41.2% 23.5%
Avg. Diff 1.54 1.83
 I have blundered and mistaken here as well as my opponent.  Trying to figure out to make the best move. computer  machines were truly almost perfect mover that works on. unbeatable and no mercy in playing the game.  
I realize that we humans tend to be driven with emotions as we make moves while computer has no emotions . of course they're machines. so does it mean we need to be robotic thinker  then? for us to win? Nope,  but We enjoy playing with humans ,imperfect moves yet we appreciate it's beauty  and the chills comparing playing with engines.
Just some random post as chess novice here. happy.png


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