A Tale of Two Halves- My Latest Tournament Part One

Apr 30, 2013, 1:50 PM |

Well, whoever's reading this has probably read about my last tournament ("The Worst Tournament"), recently I played in a big open tournament and a had some good games and some bad. The format was a swiss with 5 rounds, 90 min. time limit for the first two rooms, and 120 min. for the last 3 rounds. I showed up to the tournament with high hopes and a goal of a score of 3.5/5 in a field that included over 10 players rated over 2000+.

Round One: Rust

In Round 1 I played a 2048 rated player. I got a good position out of the opening with a chance to be better, but played superficialy and my opponent got a problem-free position. Then I blundered with 17.Nd5? and I soon fell apart and lost.

Round Two: A Complete Mess

After the debacle in Round 2 I was determined to win my next game. I was paired against a young 1800 and the battle began.

It was an insane mess in the opening after my opponent played 6.d4!?. After that move I was left to figure out the solution to the position. It was tough because there was so much to calculate and the time limit was G/90. Eventually I found a way to navigate the game to a playable position. My opponent probably had a chance to gain a small edge but as I said earlier, it was a difficult position. After move 13 I was pretty much playing on his clock as he was down to less than 30 minutes. Therefore my play wasn't very accurate. I made a mistake with 21...exf3 and my opponent missed several chances in the ensuing time scramble and I was able to pull out a win. Near the end my opponent is bound hand and foot.

Round Three: A Total and Complete Disaster

Less than 10 minutes after my game in Round 2 I had to play another game. In this round the games switched over to G/120 instead of the previously used time control G/90.

In this round I had to play a 1900. He had the black pieces. I played one of my worst games yet.

He played a Modern Benoni and instead of taking 25 or more minutes in the opening like I normally do I spent 15 minutes on the whole game. I was punished for my wood-pushing and after I blundered I soon resigned.

After the game I was upset with myself for not really trying to win at all.

On a positive note, thanks to a quick loss, I was able to watch the exciting conclusion to the movie "Firefox" and was able to watch some other cool shows and movies. I guess that is why I was determined to lose so quickly.

So, thus ended the first day and first half of the tournament. I had played horribly and I was wondering if I should give up chess for a long while. I guess you will find out how I did in the second half later, in Part Two.