Kinetic Chess

Kinetic Chess


 Hello there everyone

This is not going to be a very long post but please read it

There are lots of different Clubs out there but I think you should join Kinetic Chess


1. The Super Admin gives lessons to those who want to learn chess tatics.

2. The community (Even though only 59 members) is very kind to one another and are willing to help.

3.This Club was actually created to help all those below 1200 rating.

4.If you join you are bound to make new friends.


There are a lot more aspects of why you should join but those are just 4 i put

I only joined around 4 days ago and when I read this it made me happy to think that this club (Created by FangBo) was just created to help everyone below 1200 rating as soon as i had joined I looked and saw that FangBo was just making a lessons he mentioned he would show for beginners and those who already new a bit about the lesson.

I belive you should join and learn i promise you will not regreat your choice can't wait to see you on the team to you all


(Sorry about Spelling errors)