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Death wasn't an easy escape..

Death wasn't an easy escape..

Dec 21, 2010, 6:52 AM 2


The legendary Cleopatra ruled ancient Egypt as co-regent for almost 3 decades & is remembered for her military alliances & romances with 2 roman leaders,Julius caesar & Mark antony, as well as her exotic beauty & powers of seduction earned her an enduring place in history & popular myth.

On August 12,30 BC Cleopatra the last egyptian pharaoh,claimed her own life.legend holds that she succumbed willingly to the bite of a cobra

She closed herself in her chamber with 2 of her female servants, she used a poisionous snake known as asp,a symbol of divine royalty, according to her wishes cleopatra's body was buried with Antony,leaving octavian to celebrate his conquest of egypt.

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