Israel: The Attacks On IL

Mar 11, 2012, 8:39 AM |

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March 11 2012, Iran keeps exporting Terrorism out to Israel: Being Opposed and Punished Econmically by The International Community for Its Actions which are to Conduct Illigal Millitary Nuclear Researches.

Iran through different Terrorists Groups has hit several time in Israel: According to Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 130 Rocket Attacks have been led from the Gaza Strip since begining of March 2012.

Israeli Civilians are apparently targeted: Rockets Strike mostly Schools and other public and Populated Places.

The Iron Dome: The Israel Missile Anti-Missile and Anti-Rocket Defense System Intercepts roughly 90% of the Rockets.

Several Wounded Victims have been counted in all the Areas hit by Rockets: More than 40 in all. 

IDF has responded to the Attacks by trying to Neutralise the Terrorists Positions and Weapons.

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