Science: Elections Transparency Seminar

Feb 22, 2012, 12:09 PM |

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February 8 2012, The Seminar took place on 12-13 of January in Santiago/Chile.

Organized by The IDEA, The OAS, The UNs, The IADB and The Senate of The State of Chile.

The IDEA would be The Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance.

The OAS would be The Organization of The American States.

The UNs would be The United Nations.

The IADB would be The Inter-American Devellopment Bank.

Transparency in Elections and Political Parties in The World were Discussed.

A Publication on The Very Same Subject was presented, its name: "Funding of Political Parties in Latin America".

As a Conclusion was signed a Declaration about The Real Need of Priroritising Transparency to give more Power The Peoples.

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