World: Afghanitan Humanitarian Sitation

Mar 8, 2012, 9:36 AM |

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February 29 2012( ), From the Point of View and Great Experience and Expertise of Reto Stocker: International Red Cross Official.

Most Afghans are in real thoughts of actually leaving their Country forever, they do not see any bettering or Improvement according to what The War was in the years 2000/2001.

The Sick and Wounded are still very much in Lack of Care and Treatments.

The Detainees, The Prisoners suposingly Protected by International War Laws and Humanitarian Law should have been Treated with more Satisfactory Conditions.

Till 2014( ) NATO Troops are going to shrink and The Afghan Forces take Responsibility.

Time Limit that Probably will not be very Realistic: The Economic Situation being quite Poor.

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