My Eigth Chess Tournament, Game 4 (French Fiasco)

Nov 10, 2012, 11:09 AM |

I had the White pieces this game and all I needed to clinch first place in this tournament was a draw. Knowing this, one would think that it would be easy for me to get at least a draw this game, securing first place. Unfortunately, the way that I played this game was rather poor and as early as move 11 I was already losing. I ended up losing this game pretty quickly, conceding first place to my opponent. However, I did tie for second place and still won a small amount of the prize money, so this wasn't a total loss. Here is the game:

Themes: Double Attacks, Forks, Zwischenzug, Clearance Sacrifice, Zugzwang, Pins, Desperado, Basic Combinations, Simplification, Using Knights, Outpost Squares, Outposts, 7th/2nd Rank Control, Initiative, Opening Traps, Isolated Pawns, Weak Pawns, Backward Pawns, Passed Pawns, Converting Extra Material, Mating Nets, Attacking 0-0, Basic Checkmates