My Eleventh Chess Tournament, Game 4 (A Wild Winawer French)

May 18, 2013, 10:55 PM |

In this game I managed to defeat a player that had previously beaten me in an older tournament. Just like the last time we played, I had the White pieces and the game started out as a French Defense. This time around, my opponent chose to play a sideline of the Winawer Variation, one that has almost no established theory. Because I knew my opponent would try to complicate the game like this, I had previously prepared a line with the computer's help that I would play against this variation. Sure enough, my opponent was shocked when I did not play into his lines, and I managed to get a decent position out of the opening. Although I made a few mistakes towards the end of the game and let the position become more complicated than it needed to be, I eventually won when my opponent missed that I was threatening a mate in 2. Here is the game:

Themes: Double Attacks, Forks, Back Rank, Clearance Sacrifice, Pins, King Activity, 7th/2nd Rank Control, Good and Bad Bishops, Isolated Pawns, Advanced Pawns, Doubled Pawns, Blockading, Passed Pawns, Exposing the King, Mating Nets, Attacking the Uncastled King