My Fourteenth Chess Tournament (Epicure Grand Prix)

Jul 28, 2013, 12:05 AM |

On the weekend of March 9, 2013, several people from my local chess club (including one of my college friends, who invited me) played in the Epicure Grand Prix Tournament. The tournament was only one day in length, and held at Miami Country Day School. Unfortunately, all of the adults in this tournament could only play in the Open section. Hence, I faced some tough competition and did not have great results. Players as strong as GM Julio Becerra played in this tournament. As well, this tournament featured a time control that I had played with before, 40 minutes with 5 second delay. So, I wasn't expecting to win, or even draw, most of the games. My opponent for Round 4 did not show up for that game. So, including this win by forfeit, I won two games and lost the other two.

Round 1:


Themes: Perpetual Attack, Zugzwang, Opening Lines, Taking Space, Open Files, Using Rooks, 7th/2nd Rank Control, Initiative, Fianchetto, Isolated Pawns, Weak Pawns, Backward Pawns, Advanced Pawns, Passed Pawns, Converting Extra Material, Mating Nets, Queenside Attacks

Round 2:


Themes: Back Rank, Discovered Attacks, Using Rooks, Initiative, Undermining the Center, Fianchetto, Isolated Pawns, Weak Pawns, Backward Pawns, Blocking, Passed Pawns, Rook Endings


Round 3:

Themes: Common Checkmating Patterns, Double Attacks, Back Rank, Zwischenzug, Zugzwang, Pins, Discovered Attacks, Simplification, Fianchetto, Isolated Pawns, Weak Pawns, Blockading, Converting Extra Material, Exposing the King, Mating Nets, Attacking 0-0


Round 4:

My opponent did not show up for Round 4, so I won that game by forfeit.