My Ninth Chess Tournament, Game 4 (Crazy Caro-Kann)

Dec 10, 2012, 6:33 PM |

Although my previous two games ended in defeat, I actually managed to win this game on December 7, 2012. The main reason for why I won this game was because of one major blunder in the middlegame when my opponent got too aggressive and lost a piece. If it weren't for that one blunder, this game probably would have been either a draw or a win for my opponent. After I was ahead by a piece I was able to easily convert my advantage and win the endgame. Here is the game:

Themes: Double Attacks, Forks, X-Ray Attack, Back Rank, Zwischenzug, Zugzwang, Pins, King Activity, Weak and Strong Squares, Opening Lines, Overprotection, Open Files, Open Game, Using Rooks, Initiative, Undermining the Center, Using the Queen, Pawn Structure, Isolated Pawns, Weak Pawns, Opposition, Passed Pawns, Converting Extra Material, Mating Nets, Counterattack, Basic Checkmates, Basic Pawn Endings