My Thirteenth Chess Tournament, Game 3 (French Frying the KIA)

May 26, 2013, 7:13 PM |

In this game, I was paired up with someone whom I had played a couple of times previously. Both times we had played before, I had the White pieces and lost one game but won the next. Having played him a couple of times before, as well as having watched others play against him, I knew that he plays the French Defense as Black against 1. e4, and as White he starts with 1. e4 and plays the King's Indian Attack (KIA) against the French Defense. Nevertheless, I played my usual French Defense against him and let him go into the KIA. Though he had a slightly better position out of the opening, he played each of his moves very fast and quickly blundered a couple of pawns, which helped me to win in the endgame. Here is the game:

Themes: Sacrifice, X-Ray Attack, Back Rank, Zwischenzug, Zugzwang, Pins, Simplification, Open Game, Using Rooks, 7th/2nd Rank Control, Undermining the Center, Fianchetto, Isolated Pawns, Advanced Pawns, Passed Pawns, Converting Extra Material