#15 1991 NC Scholastic Championships

#15 1991 NC Scholastic Championships

Feb 7, 2015, 11:40 AM |

  • Tournament #15 : 1991 North Carolina State Scholastic Championships 3/2-3/1991
  • Charlotte, NC
  • TD:  CMSCA
  • Section: Open (High School)
  • Time Control:  ??


There a lot of firsts here for me...first time playing outside of the triangle area, first multi-day tournament, first scholastic event and first time playing in a truly open section.  Although on the last one, my poor performance kept me pretty low in the field.


Round 1, Game #40


One more first in this tournament, my first win by forfiet (no show).  I think my scheduled opponent had taken a half point bye in round 1, but never showed for the tournament.  Either way, it meant a free point.  Something I have actually never really liked.  I come to play and it's a huge letdown to sit at a board and have an opponent not show up.


Round 2, (no game)

Forfiet win


Round 3, Game #41


Round 4, Game #42


This was the first in a long series of games against the Schmidt family.  I would eventually open up a huge material lead sacrificing a bishop for three pawns, but then grabbing another three pawns.  But this being my first multi day tournament would take it's toll and I would end the game with several piece dropping blunders.  As fatigued as I was, I would resign and walk away from the board, not noticing that she had offered a handshake.  I would hear about that, in no uncertain terms, at the Raleigh Chess Club that next Friday and she really never let me hear the end of that (despite my numerous appologies).


Round 5, Game #43


  • Recap: +1 =0 -3
  • Rating:  ???
  • Total:  +15 =4 -24
  • Series: +1 =0 -3