#19 1991 National High School Championships

#19 1991 National High School Championships

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  • Tournament #19 : 1991 National High School Championships 5/3-5/1991
  • Atlanta, GA
  • TD:  Robert Singletary
  • Section: U1300
  • Time Control: ??


Earlier in the year, I had expressed interest in playing in this tournament.  Dad was concerned about me driving out of state, but was nice enough to set up the trip anyway and go with me.  If I had gone alone, it would have been a lot like many of the tournaments I would go to later, camp out in the hotel all weekend and just play chess.  The line "One town's very like another when your head's down over your pieces, brother." from One Night in Bangkok is truer than you know.  Dad made it more like a vacation though.  We would go out and sight see between rounds (or after the last round of the day) including a fireworks and laser display at Stone Mountain.  It really made for a great weekend and I think getting out of the hotel took the edge off and kept me fresh for the later rounds (this was only my 2nd multi day tournament).

One other interesting side note, as I mentioned in the introduction to this series, I was pretty much a loner in school.  Few friends and disinterested in popularity by choice.  I even skipped my prom to attend this tournament.

My 2nd year, we got a new principal.  He had lofty goals, not so much for the school as for himself.  All he talked about while I was there was getting the school featured in some "national" publication about High Schools.  There were a group of us who viewed his ambition with healthy disdain.  Especially when beautification projects like a deck outside the cafeteria took precedent over things like installing air conditioning in the much hated "d-wing" of the school.  Anyway, for all his hard work, his goal was never realized.  It's an interesting side note that, while this was not my intention, I got the school published in a different "national" publication, Chess Life, in the tournament recap winners listing.

I was actually undefeated (+4 =2 -0) and listed at 7th on the wall chart heading into the last round, but lost and fell to 21st.  Still a very respectable finish....

While most of the games are very typical novice games, round 3 was remarkably clean and round 5 provides an outstanding example of how important it is to know, and practice very specific endgame scenarios.


Round 1, Game #53


Round 2, Game #54


Round 3, Game #55


Round 4, Game #56


Round 5, Game #57


Round 6, Game #58


Round 7, Game #59



  • Recap: +4 =2 -1 (21st place)
  • Rating:  ???
  • Total:  +25 =7 -27
  •  Scholastic Events:  +5 =2 -4