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The now former Raleigh Chess Club

The now former Raleigh Chess Club

Aug 19, 2013, 7:08 PM 0

It's interesting that it would become clear that any doubts about the status of the old Raleigh Chess Club when I am digging through and consoldating all my old games.  Jeff reported earlier this week that there was a mix up with the RCCs book library and it was appartently lost to the parks department.  I hope he will be able to recover them, but either way, I would like to state my gratitude to the Parks department for giving us access to the Kiwanis Park building for next to nothing for all those years.

The RCC was my first real chance to play against strong players. There's no doubt that the club was insturmental in my development as a player over the years.  I don't know exactly when the club started, but when I attended through the late 80's and the 90's, the club had quite a few expert/master strength players.  The club would hold blitz tournaments the first Friday of every month and G/15s or G/30s (eventually rated) on the third Friday.  Even the occasional simil. While I might not have been the strongest player, I seemed to have an unusual nack for escaping these games with draws.  I encourage anyone who has stories from the old RCC to share them here and I hope to share some more stories later, but for now I would like to present, probably my best game from the RCC, my draw against US Master Greg Samsa in one of his simuls.

PS:  Samsa's overall result for this simul was +12 =4 -1.

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