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By the power of the h pawn

By the power of the h pawn

May 15, 2016, 5:21 AM 1

Pawns, as the great Phildor used to say, are the soul of chess. These little foot soldiers are lowest in value, can only move forward and are cruelly given up in form of gambits.But in the hand of a good player, they are powerful and may turn into royalty! Games at master level are ofter decided by superior pawn play .

According to their position on the board they are divided into center and flank pawns. Center pawns are traditionally more valuable as they control key square to hinder opponent's development . They key theme of sicillian defence is to exchange of white's one center pawn for a black flank pawn, and by doing that , sicillian has become black's highest scoring response against 1 e4!

But the h pawn? It lies far from center, extreme right of the white player . Miles away from all the action. But in some cases , the h pawn advance becomes a headache for black if he castles kingside and fianchetto the bishop on g7 as in sicillian defence ( dragon variation) and modern defence.

White's ideas in general is to advance the h pawn, exchange it with black,s g pawn to open up the h file for his rook, exchange the dark square bishops and deliver mate along g or h file.

The british GM Simon Williams ( popularly known as ginger gm) like to call it "Harry the h pawn" and often unleashes it against his opponents by saying " there goes harry up the board!" . His videos in these lines are really instructive.

I recently played a game in chess.com 3/2 blitz and won using the power of the h pawn. The game is presented below for your consideration.


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