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Two Pawns for a Knight.

Two Pawns for a Knight.

Dec 14, 2011, 11:18 AM 0

My last post I misnamed the Hungarian Defense (Italian Game) as the Berlin Defense (Ruy Lopez). Oh well! We all know what I meant. Today I want to talk about two games I had wityh Tobejdusan (1490), who is a very smart player. We played three games and I scored 2-1, and in the two games I won there were opportunities for me to capture two pawns for a knight, which came about via pawn moves like a7-a6 and b7-b5, where Nc3xb5 begins the exchange. The idea is to create an unheavenly pawn storm with a2, b2, and c2, an idea you can sometimes find in some Sicilian lines, especially with Bb5 lines. Here are the games... enjoy.


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