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Developing Minds Through Chess

Developing Minds Through Chess

Nov 24, 2017, 1:26 AM 0

Project Checkmate started in April,2016, with an aim to spread chess across different sectors of society. In a span of a year and more than a half, it has come a long way. Chess has been one uniting factor in all the sessions and conversations with the students learning under the project.

Chess has helped the students to participate in a healthy competition, using their minds to a purposeful activity, increasing their concentration power, and developing a strong and positive mental attitude. 

Through the project, more than twenty-five students have learnt the game and some of them have even won laurels. One student has obtained his international FIDE standard and rapid ratings. 

As we move further in the project's journey, we cannot stop looking ahead for more opportunities in this wonderful mind sport. If you wish to contribute and share your opinions, feel free to reach us out on- www.projectcheckmate.weebly.com 

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