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Project Checkmate

Project Checkmate

Oct 29, 2016, 7:49 PM 0

Project Checkmate is an endeavour started by Devanshi Rathi. She aims to help underprivileged children in India learn the game of chess. The project was started in April and has come a long way since its inauguration. There have been many activities that have been conducted over the course of six months including intra-NGO tournaments, State level tournament participation and local Delhi tournaments participation. The children learn in sessions of two hours each and have been enjoying the process of learning the game. They never lose focus in any class and have always been motivated to do more. The project has also given them something to look forward in their lives. A means by which they can establish a better life for themselves. They have received chess sets, books and much more through collections and donation campaigns. They have also got a chance to read books from the newly established chess library at the NGO. They have watched classic Grandmaster Games from the past and have learnt some basic theories about the games. The project has also helped them discover their new passion in life:chess.

In October 2016, a fundraiser was organised and funds collected were donated towards the project. The project also tied up with the National Association of the Blind, an NGO in New Delhi, to help them in their upcoming national tournament travel. The students at the NAB were also given special Braille version books of Devanshi's book-Chess Notes- which has recently been released. 

The project is now looking forward to doing more exciting things for the students and helping them lead a better and more fruitful life. For more details on the project visit-



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