I went 1-4 last night, and I'm thrilled

Jan 12, 2010, 8:02 AM |

I played in my very first OTB tournament last night.  It wasn't a large event.  There were 18 people there.  It was swiss format.  I had a by right before that round.  I got crushed by far superior players otherwise.

This guy was better than me.  He caught me with an opening trap early on and won a rook.  I was able to eventually get his queen for a rook.  I was down 18-19.  He had a far superior position with 2 rooks and a knight.  He was going in for the kill and made a blunder with his knight alowing me to skewer his two rooks with a bishop.  If he would have moved his knight another direction, I would have lost.

Moral of the story:  Don't beat yourself up being down in material early on, just look harder for tactics.  The other guy will make a mistake even if they're a better player than you.  If you can recognize the mistake and take advantage of it, you may actually pull a win!

Unfortunately, that was not a game I kept notation of.  I kept notation for the first 3 rounds and it was too distracting.