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Starting My Chess Journey - Part 1: It's never too late!

Starting My Chess Journey - Part 1: It's never too late!

Jan 9, 2017, 6:32 PM 0

I really only started studying the game of chess over the last 10 months at the ripe age of 33. Nevertheless, chess has always been alluring to me. When I was a boy I had a magnetic, travel-sized chess set. Unfortunately, no one in my home knew how to play, nor wanted to. Included in the set was a tiny piece of paper, with an even tinier font, describing the rules of the game. I tried to learn by playing myself but soon realised this approach was very difficult. Moreover, the endless combinations of moves were mind boggling. I realised that there was more to the game than just learning the rules. I concluded that I was missing something and my enthusiasm soon fizzled out. 


I tried to pick up the game again during my teenage years when I stumbled across a copy of Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess at a bookstore. I knew who Bobby Fischer was in the sense that I knew he was chess god. I was captivated by this tortured genius, so I bought the book. I thought who better to learn the game from?! I made my way through the book and found it very digestible. In the end, I understood how to checkmate but little more.  I did not know how to develop the positions Fischer presented.  Again, from the start of the game, the endless combinations seemed staggering and I was missing something.


Fast forward a couple decades (including the proliferation of the internet!), and I came across an advertisement for Chess.com. I realised it was "now or never" situation so I bought myself a Chess.com membership and have not regretted it. But Chess.com is only the beginning! There are vast resources out there and so many aspects of this game including openings, strategy, evaluation, endgames, visualisation, calculation, tactics, etc. If only these resources were around when I was a kid! But there is no looking back. I am only looking forward to learning more about this wonderful game and sharing my journey every now again on this blog.

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