PRO League Week 3 Pacific Predictions

PRO League Week 3 Pacific Predictions

IM dpruess

Week 3 predictions for the Pacific Division. I'll be commenting live with Yermo again tonight on ~6:30-9:30 pm pacific time. Happy to hear your predictions in the comments section, but I think this week we have 4 mismatches that won't engender much argument ;-)

LV Desert Rats v Pitts
Las Vegas brings out a massive lineup-- and a good one. They have not scored particularly well in the league so far, but they have been facing tougher opposition than Pittsburgh. They will win by a comfortable margin.
Las Vegas 10-6

ST Louis Archbishops v Minnesota Blizzard
Blizzard are 2-0, but they don't have a lot of depth beyond their top 4, half of whom are not playing this week. No chance taking on the Bishops like this.
St Louis 10.5-5.5

Portland v San Diego
Another mismatch, the very strong San Diego team has a fourth board nearly as high-rated as the Rain's first board. However, it's the Rain's 3rd board, Raptis, who has shown himself very well-adapted to this format, and will keep Portland from losing quite as badly as ratings suggest.
Portland only loses 4.5-11.5

Webster v. SF Mechanics
And another mismatch! Only Caminator has gotten off to a good start in the league. He will prevent a total blowout.
Webster wins 10.5-5.5

Seattle v Dallas
Conrad recovered from a tough first week with an acceptable 2.5 in week 2. Now he moves from board 1 down to board 3. I expect the new guys from Dallas to do pretty well in this format. But looking across at Seattle, this is a fearsome lineup as well! This will be one of the first "upsets" I predict, as I'm going to bet against Dallas' unknown board 4, and expect Seattle's 3 and 4 to pick up some points here and there.
Seattle 9-7

San Jo v Rio Grande
Rio Grande brings out an excellent lineup with the exciting debut of Kovalyov. 3rd board Vazquez is a winner as well in this league. BUT the San Jo lineup this week might be the best in the entire league. They face a serious challenge here, but I expect them to prevail. Especially watch the performance of 10-year old NM Chrisopher Yoo on bd 4 (2.5-1.5 in week 1!). If he can score 2 or more points again, then San Jose should expect to make it to the championship weekend.
San Jose 9-7 Rio Grande