PRO League Week 4 Pacific Predictions

PRO League Week 4 Pacific Predictions

IM dpruess
Feb 1, 2017, 3:11 PM |

My predictions for which teams will win in week 4:

Hackers 8.5-7.5

Super close match that could go either way. The Hackers are very vulnerable without stars Mamedyarov and Naroditsky. They will need a few points from Aleskerov and Kavutskiy to pull this one out, and since I have to guess, I'm going to guess those 2 deliver.

LV 9-7 over Inventors

Dessert Rats only have a 1-2 record, but they are a super legitimate team. They have a very strong lineup this week, and are rotating their board 4 to keep up rest and energy. Elliot Liu will come in for rounds 3 and 4 and make sure the Rats upset the 3-0 Inventors.
Sf 8.5-7.5 over Seattle

At first I thought this favored Seattle, but I think the young SF players are starting to get the hang of the time control, and Orlov did not fare so well so far, so the Sluggers are probably better off with Feng on board 3 at the moment. Sargissian may score heavily, but I think SF will score 8 or 8.5.

Then 3 blowouts that don't require much explanation:
st louis 12-4
Dallas 12-4
Webster 10.5-5.5
As usual, I will be doing live commentary with GM Yermolinsky from 6:30-9:30 pacific on And tomorrow I'll be streaming on my twitch channel /dpruess from 11 am to 2 pm pacific, where we'll look at some highlights.