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Endgame Examples,Ideas and Interesting Scenarios!

Endgame Examples,Ideas and Interesting Scenarios!

Jan 24, 2009, 10:36 AM 0

I have decided to give 2 of my own examples, one i found on this site and some basic postions of note in this articles.

First how people of high rating still fail to get the correct results from easy/simple postions!









 Well it is simple

The king is stuck on g7 h7 as K move to the six rank meets Rg6+

and King to f7 leaves a postion to this










So now it is clear white can just pick of the kingside pawns and black can do nothing





A small puzzle of a win












 And a sad mistake on my part in this game







 The Luceana Postion







 The Philidor Postion(Rooks)






Thanks for reading!

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