When Theory goes bad

When Theory goes bad

Mar 28, 2009, 9:18 AM |

This is the first of two blog posts i hope to get up this weekend.

I have recently noticed a problem with my chess playing, the problem is as such, if i play a conventional opening ( sicilian dragon for example) i find early deviations very difficult to deal with even weak ones.

As such there are some very fun opening i cant really play anymore ( sicilian dragon and the semi slav mainly ( if anyone wants to play these against me in a thematic game they are more than welcome to challenge me))

As such i have chosen to new anti-theory openings( as black , 1 Nf3 does the trick as white and is very flexible)

The Chigorin Queens Gambit

The Alekhine

 These will back up my regualar ( and more competive) repetoire of

The French( both aggressive and more solid lines)


and more interestingly my Nf3 c4 lines ( berlin lopez , and hedgehog, when draws will do and Slav systems when they wont)

Here is a game to demonstate my earlier points about anti theory, this loss may have prevented my qualification to the second round of a team england tournemnet that i should really be competing well in.

















And if anyone is interested this is what happens when you give me a game in the theory.



Thanks for reading